Round Two with RITTA

Last summer, I interned at RITTA and got a glimpse of each department and the daily routine of each team member. I was able to work alongside the production, social media and creative teams and even got to share my own ideas on projects. This gave me a better understanding of each aspect of marketing and guided me to the department I felt most comfortable in. The summer was very exciting, with lots of hustle and bustle around the office every week.

In the fall I went back to school with a whole new perspective on the advertising world. I used many skills I had learned from RITTA in my classes and in everyday life. When it came time to apply for new opportunities for the summer of 2020, I searched for somewhere I could call home like the one I had with the RITTA team. Many classmates, myself included, had internships taken away due to the pandemic and that made for additional challenges as the summer approached.

This summer, I’m back! I have joined the team at RITTA once more for a second internship as a social media assistant. I was delighted to be asked back and curious to see how things had changed while I was gone.

My second summer at RITTA was more than a regular internship. Since I had gotten involved with their social media department during my first summer, I was able to rejoin with more hands-on experiences and responsibilities. With restrictions on opening businesses in person, I interned fully from home and online while maintaining the close working relationship of a team. From daily morning meetings discussing moving projects to planning sessions with the social media squad, I was always busy and excited about my goals. Our team’s stellar communication and work ethic gave us the tools needed to get it done from home. With business booming, my role at RITTA became greater than ever before. I was able to schedule social media posts each month, develop copy and select photos to be posted on social platforms. I called the shots and watched as ideas from my head turned into beautiful and inspiring content for all to see. Making clients that I had previously worked with happy was very rewarding. In addition, I learned how to create business proposals and improve my technology skills to work cohesively online with a group. My favorite part of my second summer was being able to see all the growth and new inner workings of RITTA.

My summers with this company have helped guide me in the direction I want to pursue once I graduate university. Not only did I gain lifelong friends, but also learned the importance of having a united group eager to grow together. Thank you for another amazing summer, RITTA!