Strong Sales Start with Compelling Product Messaging

Imagine that you are coming to market with an excellent product that you are sure will be a “must have” for consumers. You’ve considered the prevailing trends, user behavior and all other relevant metrics. Your marketing plan is being developed but you wonder where to begin when it comes to advertising. The place to start to ensure success is by creating clean and dynamic product messaging. First and foremost, it’s your product’s advertising message that will communicate its attributes and your value proposition.

Core product messaging is something that marketers tend to struggle with because it is difficult to nail down. Inevitably, the messaging never gets completed and the marketing team gets mired in endless rounds of revision cycles. It’s best to avoid this situation because it can lead to meager results for your brand. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, right?

So, here’s a quick overview of why coming up with compelling product messaging at the beginning of the marketing process is crucial for your brand’s success:

  1. Consistent messaging aligns your marketing efforts
    Creating an efficient explanation of your product is the perfect foundation for end-to-end branding consistency. Creating key messaging at the onset ensures that all marketing channels have the same message. Also, early creation allows vital input from key stakeholders and ensures everyone is on the same page. Projects can then be executed seamlessly, saving precious time and resources.
  2. Product messaging communicates your proposition
    Your product messaging forms the core of your advertising since it talks about your offering and the value it provides. It positions your brand in the minds of your prospects through an approved set of points. It translates your value proposition into a convincing idea that draws both existing and new customers towards your brand. So, by crafting enticing product messaging, you can communicate about your product, your value, your brand and your company as a whole.
  3. Compelling product messaging propels your brand
    Just like all other brand marketers, you may be striving for positive brand awareness—something that pulls your audience towards you. But an ineffective product messaging strategy will have the opposite effect. So remember, quality of messaging is extremely important. If you get your product’s messaging wrong, your prospective consumers may think of your brand as an irrelevant offering that creates no value for them. Moreover, since the first impression is usually the last impression, your prospects are less likely to forget the negative impression that they initially got.
    Whether it’s your top-line messaging, social media posts, banner or print ads, press releases or any other marketing material, you need to focus on your product’s messaging strategy. It should always address your customers’ pain points, your USP and your product’s benefits to make your brand stand out from the rest. If you get this right, you are on your way to greater sales.


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