Strategy for Robust Product Imagery on a Web Page’s Carousel

When you browse through an e-commerce website, you are faced with a lot of things, from the product image to its description, pricing, sponsored products, display ads and so on. Marketing agencies make sure that they take advantage of every inch of the page and in every manner possible. Since product imagery plays a vital role in influencing the decision of a customer, a website carousel showcasing the product can be a big benefit.

What is a carousel?

For several years, websites have been using carousels and sliders to make the image more attractive and appealing to customers. While many people believe that carousels and sliders are the same, sliders and carousels are different from each other. While a slider shifts the image vertically or horizontally with a momentum effect, a carousel rotates an image outwardly or radially, giving it a 3D feel by adding distance and depth of field. In the past decade, carousels have been used vastly, with several browsers supporting it now more than ever. While some may question if it is becoming outdated, its benefits speak louder than ever.

Why is a carousel important?

Many marketing agencies miss an opportunity with a carousel they just use any images they can find and put them in an arbitrary order. Careful selection and order of the images are both extremely important. Carousel real estate is very valuable, since more than one piece of content can occupy the same prime space on a web page.

How can you strengthen the product imagery on a web page’s carousel?

When building web pages, ad agencies and marketing firms tend to offer as many details as possible so customers can make an informed decision. By using an image carousel and showing a complete view of the product, brands can benefit immensely as they are successful in building trust and promoting their brand. When you use a carousel on your web page, make sure to follow the below tips for robust product imagery:

• Let your brand shine through
You may be an established brand or a new entrant in the market but the quality of imagery shown in your carousel needs to befit your brand. Omit assets that are not up to snuff.

• You need a hero
Something to keep in mind as you are shooting the products: In addition to getting shots of all of the angles, make sure you capture an iconic shot of the product. An image that can be a centerpiece of the carousel but also be used in advertising assets.

• A 360-degree turn
Before buying, consumers want to see your product from all angles. Adding a 360-degree view of your product can increase conversion rates by 45%! How are they created? It’s actually quite easy — it’s a photographic technique in which a series of photos gives the impression of an object rotating.

• Lifestyle sells
Consumers want to visualize how a product will look. Show it in use; for example, a couch in a lifestyle setting.

• Add user-generated content
Ask influencer and users to post photos or videos with them using your product and let it accompany the carousel. It will help you increase the credibility of the product as well as your brand.

• Product demonstrations
Make use of the carousel and add images and videos demonstrating your product. You can also include how-to images and videos as it adds value for your audience.


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