Google Algorithm Changes

Google Changes Its Algorithm Constantly. How to Stay Ahead on SEO.

Have you noticed a significant dip in the incoming traffic to your web page? As the world has shifted due to the pandemic, that could be a cause. But maybe, it’s the result of yet another Google algorithm change. Google keeps switching up its algorithm, leaving ad agencies struggling to update their SEO strategies to keep in alignment. As a brand marketer, you’d be ringing the death knell for your business if you can’t affect timely SEO updates in sync with Google’s algorithm updates. Ranking even a single slot higher in search results could be the difference between revenue and click-throughs coming your way – or your competitor’s. Google tries very hard to get the best of SEO experts to try to predict the way the search engine’s algorithm functions. So, trying to tweak your SEO to benefit from Google’s algorithm updates is no easy task. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you navigate and fully utilize Google’s algorithm changes for your individual benefit.

Pay to Rank High on Google’s SERP

If you run a Google search nowadays, you will find that most results displayed to you are paid ads. Very few organic search results make the cut for the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page. So, what do you do? When you are no longer able to rank well on SEO organically, your best investment to boost your traffic is having a paid ad created for you by an advertisement agency.

Optimize Your Page for Voice Search

Research conducted by ad agencies has found that Google searches and other search engine searches will become more and more voice-based over time. With the growing popularity of Alexa, Siri and other such voice assistants, you cannot assume consumers will be typing out queries anymore. If you want to stay ahead of SEO, you should consider optimizing your website for voice search.

Continue to Deliver Original and Valuable Content

No matter how much Google tweaks its algorithm, it still wants to offer users original, fresh content that adds value to their lives. Its goal is not to display SEO-optimized pages as part of search results. No, Google rewards high-quality content and will rank you high on its search if your marketing agency is able to provide your audience with the same.

Don’t Engage in Multiple Website Changes at Once

If you are trying to introduce new elements and marketing tools into your website to enhance your website’s SEO, implement these one at a time. You want to measure the impact of each carefully to review whether they are providing you with the desired results. In addition, changing too many variables at once will leave your audience confused and could affect your website traffic negatively.