How Does Facebook’s Algorithm Work?

If you work closely with an advertising agency or a marketing agency, you are undoubtedly posting regularly on Facebook. More than any of the other digital tools in your toolbox, Facebook continues to attract millions of new users every single day, making it perfect for your digital marketing tactics. However, Facebook undergoes frequent algorithm changes. Ad agencies often struggle to keep pace with these changes that impact the visibility of the posts they make. It is vital that your marketing firm understands how they work, so they can use them to your advantage.

What impact does an algorithm have on my social visibility?

Everyone is familiar with the term, but you may not know exactly what an algorithm is or what it does. An algorithm is a series of calculations that chooses relevancy over publish time to prioritize posts that coincide with what users are most interested in reading. Facebook’s algorithm decides which of your posts are visible to your audience, when, and in what order on their Facebook feeds. If your advertising agency or social media agency does not keep pace with Facebook’s rapid algorithm changes, you could risk not connecting with the audience that you need to reach.

Are Facebook’s updates going to hurt or help me?

Facebook has been switching up its algorithm on a periodic basis since 2018. Its most recent update strives to make it more transparent for its users by giving them maximum control on how and when they are displayed. Not only has the social media giant conducted multiple user surveys to learn about how they could improve content visibility and relevance for their users, it has also introduced a new button. You can use this button to leave your feedback on how satisfied you were at having been displayed an ad/promotional message.

So, what do I do now?

Engage more effectively. Reader comments will help you reach your audience more organically. Facebook will recognize the ongoing interaction and reward your business page value.

Know when to post. Have your marketing agency research and analyze your target audience to see when they are typically online. If you time your posts strategically, your posts are more likely to grab eyeballs and perform better.


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