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Talking Transitions

Koryn Schermer

It’s the close of another year. The “Best of 2016” lists will be long – and the resolution promises even longer. Towards the end of this particular year, we at Ritta have been preoccupied with an impending transition. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile; because of its timing, “transition” is a much better word than “resolution.” Although they feel much the same in meaning, one is a “process” and the other a “firm decision.” Both revolve around a state, condition or action.

And let’s be honest: as humans, we find more success with transitions than with resolutions. Transition is how we start life, then transition through every stage thereafter. There’s no stopping transition. It happens, you deal with it, you learn from it, you grow, and you move on – until the next one occurs. Repeat.

Resolutions, on the other hand, feel very connected to one’s personal disposition. Those who are very goal-oriented and dedicated to self-betterment find more success, especially in these year-end type of resolutions.

You don’t always get to choose transitions – but you do make the call with resolutions.

So perhaps this year, change it up a bit. Decide what kinds of transitions you anticipate or want to make in 2017 or beyond, and take steps to approach them in advance. It gives you time to determine your path, play to your strengths, and predict where the challenges will lie.

Depending on the transition, it may take more than one year to complete – but not to worry. People won’t be standing around on New Year’s Eve 2017 asking what your “transitions” are for 2018. And you can smile, knowing you got a head start way back in 2016 – and personal (or world) domination is within your reach!

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