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Subscription Boxes… Love or hate?

Damian Ross - Traffic Manager

RITTA sits down with Paula Silva Kull (PSK) and Damian H. Ross (DHR) to discuss the latest craze, clothing subscription boxes.

RITTA: What is a clothing subscription box and how did you hear about it?

PSK: It’s an online service where clothing is selected and sent to you. There are many different kinds as well as different price points. I initially heard about it through a friend. The one I chose has a stylist pick out five items for you. Once you receive your items, you have a few days to decide what you want to keep. It’s like a personal shopper in a box.

DHR: I was curious after seeing several ads on my Facebook feed . . . and thought a “personal stylist” sounded great.

RITTA: Why did you decide to subscribe?

PSK: I did it because I was getting bored with the stores I usually shopped in. And because I am petite, my clothing options are much more limited. I wanted to see what “they” could find for me. Also, the convenience factor played a role. I don’t have the time to shop that I used to, before having kids.

DHR:  I’m just tired of being disappointed at the mall. I spend few hours shopping, get home, decide I don’t like what I bought, and have to do the legwork to return it . . . only to end up empty handed and out of time. Ugh.

RITTA: How do they know what you like and are looking for?

PSK: There is a pretty in-depth profile that you have to set-up and a questionnaire you have to complete. They ask about your style, lifestyle, and work atmosphere as well as show you pictures of items that you rate – Like, Love, or Hate. There is also a “notes” section, where you can give your stylist details of what you are looking for or any other important information.

DHR:  In addition to the profile, I set up a Pinterest account for my stylist to view what I like. I figured a picture speaks volumes, so I compiled shots of outfits I like and would like to see in my wardrobe.

RITTA: What about sizing?

PSK: Here is where you have to be brutally honest (with them and yourself). They ask your size for every possible item imaginable. Then they go into detail about body parts that you like to flaunt or hide as well as how your body is proportioned.

DHR: Hated this part so much. I felt like I was filling out a personal ad. The profile setup is very specific. Heck, if you can’t be honest with your stylist, why bother? As much as I’d love to give myself an athletic V-shape description, it would only be a waste of time because the clothes wouldn’t fit as good as they should. I think the stylist does an amazing job finding clothes that fit . . .”just right.”

RITTA: Did you like what you received? Did you keep the clothes or send them back?

DHR: It was a battle. I loved ALL of the clothes and thought they fit great. So, I kept the whole order.

PSK: It was more 50-50 for me. I loved some of the pieces and hated others. I ended up keeping a top that I absolutely loved. There were a couple other pieces I was on the fence about, but I decided to send them back. I am taking my friend’s advice, “If you don’t love it right away, send it back. You will probably never wear it.”

RITTA: Will you keep up your subscription?

DHR: YES! I have to admit, I love the “surprise” element. Right now, I am scheduled for a new box every other month.

PSK: No, I don’t have a set subscription. I will, however, keep my account open, and when I feel like having a wardrobe surprise, I will set up a delivery! I have done two deliveries to date, and each time I have only kept one out of five items sent to me. That sounds like a fail, but, It’s not. It’s a win! Think about how many items you look at or try on before you actually buy something. One in five is actually pretty good! And I absolutely love the two items I have kept! And who doesn’t love a surprise every once and a while.


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