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Sipping my way through the 2017 New York Coffee Festival

Mike D'Ambrosio - Art Director

My morning routine often goes something like the following. Wake up. Make coffee. Do everything else. But for me, coffee is more than just a wake-up aid; I savor it.

So it was with great excitement that I attended the 2017 New York Coffee Festival in New York City, where a variety of brews awaited my taste buds. Many big names in coffee were there, like Starbucks (ironically, trying to evoke a small-town coffeehouse feel), as well as smaller, more obscure companies.

A majority of samples given were of the cold brew variety, served out of a beer tap. With a cool, barlike presentation, it lends itself well to a different kind of drinking experience, and it seemed to outnumber hot coffee samples by a large margin.

Another trend is Nitro coffee. You might be thinking it includes an extra dose of caffeine, but it’s actually infused with nitrogen gas. This gives the coffee a lighter appearance and a sweeter taste, without adding either milk or sugar. It was delicious.

Always looking for new ways to try my morning brew, I also sampled a coffee made from the cherry of a coffee tree, as opposed to the bean inside the fruit. It had a distinctively light, fruity taste, though it may not be ready for prime time just yet.

Of course, a barista might not be hanging out in your kitchen each morning, so there were also bean-to-cup espresso machines at the show that enabled you to enjoy an authentic brew you made yourself. Brands like De’Longhi make it extremely easy to enjoy an elevated coffee experience in just a few seconds’ time each day.

Caffeine buzz secured, I left the show with an expanded coffee palate and a sense of what’s coming down the road for my favorite morning drink. And afternoon. Evening too.

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