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Kevin Janosz - COO

As I gaze at the magnificent sunset outside my windows, I can’t help but take a deep breath and soak it all in. Less than two weeks ago, I was still working in our previous office of nearly four decades – a 135-year-old church in Englewood, NJ – and now we’re on the top floor of a sleek office building in Paramus. Talk about traveling from the past to the future, in what seems like a heartbeat.

With all the growth RITTA has been experiencing these past few years, it made perfect sense to create a new beginning for our staff and, of course, our clients. My partners – CEO Koryn Schermer and CCO Jackie Millstein – and I were well aware we’d outgrown the church. And that’s a testimonial to RITTA’s success as a creative force (if I may be so bold) and as an agency. But this was about more than just physical expansion. Our capabilities are more sophisticated than ever before, so this was a fitting way to complement our new, modern approach.

The new space is so much more in tune with the essence of our current business personality – with our adaptability, imagination and foresight. In fact, after much careful planning, it was custom-designed to be a fostering environment for all our employees to grow into. And, our new space gives us the opportunity to meet with clients in-house more often, so that we can help them identify and seize new marketing opportunities.

So, we’re raising the bar. Again. We’ll miss the beautiful pipe organ from the old church, but we’ve brought the best part of it with us – our people. They’ve always been our most valuable asset. And we’re tremendously excited to be writing this new chapter in the RITTA story with them.

Okay, enough reflection. Now, I need to shut the blinds…we’ve got work to do.

RITTA is currently located at 45 Eisenhower Drive, 5th Floor, Paramus, NJ. Come up and see us sometime.


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