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Your new mattress is in the mail.

Brielle Jordan - Administrative Assistant

Remember all the long hours spent at the furniture store shopping for a mattress? Lost hours testing different brands, talking to associates and then, more often than not, leaving empty-handed?

Now, imagine logging on to your computer, searching for a mattress, buying one, and then having it delivered to your home within two days, in a box. Yes, a box.

In 2017 this is how far we’ve come with e-commerce. You can now buy virtually anything online, even products that you would always need to go to a store to “try out” first. Never having to go into a store or having to haggle an associate for a better price was one of the biggest draws for me along with not having to strap a mattress on the top of my car.

After doing research for several days, I decided on a brand and a mattress. I placed my order on a Tuesday. It shipped Wednesday and arrived on Friday without a problem. The mattress came in a large rectangular box that was actually much heavier than it looked.

When I pulled it out of the box, it was rolled-up and vacuumed-sealed. The moment I cut through the plastic seal, I heard the sound of air coming out as the mattress simultaneously started to expand. It reached full size in a matter of minutes. Before using it, however, the manufacturer suggests that you let the mattress sit for at least 24 hours in order to get rid of that “new mattress smell.” Not only did it turn out to be comfortable, it was also easy to set up because it’s designed to fit over any existing bed frame. In other words, no need to go out and buy a new one. That’s a big plus.

E-commerce has been revolutionizing the way we shop for several years. But buying a mattress before testing it, or spending hours at the store selecting one, was something that was unheard of. Now, several brands are offering the type of convenience mattress shoppers everywhere have always longed for. The process was just too easy and customer friendly for me not to love and the fact that you can find coupons online was even better!

 You can rest easy knowing the process has become that simple.


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