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Kid’s Day at RITTA

Koryn Schermer

As marketers, we’re dialed in to advertising and marketing that cuts through the clutter each day. As parents, even more so when it targets our children. After hearing my 5 year old sing jingles for Nationwide and Cellino & Barnes — and advise me on using “white revival” (OxiClean) when doing laundry — I wondered if they actually knew what we did over here at RITTA.

We kicked off “Take Your Kids to Work Day” with some homework assignments prior to the big day to get a sense of what our kids think we do all day long. And here’s what we learned about ourselves:

We design things, line things up, talk to people from Germany, design magazine stuff, entertain people and make videos. We fix bad fractions, we create logos and we go on the computer — a lot.

The favorite parts of our jobs include talking with workmates, liking art and eating donuts for lunch (spot on actually!).

The least favorite parts of our jobs include working on 650-page projects, fixing fractions and Mike closing the window shades.

They have seen our work, and boy do they have opinions about it!

“That driving website with the drone video — that was cool!”

“That loading spinny thing — it was spinny.”

“Yes I’ve seen the TVs.”

“Yes, the work is cool and fancy.”

“We drove past a billboard once that Mom said she worked on.”

“The Where in the world is RITTA? Campaign. That was fun because I helped Mom take a picture during our first trip to Mackinac Island, MI.”

And the next generation… well, they may have sacrificed a whole Thursday at the office with Mom and/or Dad, but they have dreams of becoming an inventor, an art teacher, a wedding dress designer, a TV producer, an investment banker, a fashion merchandiser, a Best Buy employee, a pediatrician, a food critic, an Olympian, a teacher and a Lamborghini dealer.

The future is so bright…we have to wear shades!

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