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Damian Ross - Traffic Manager

DING-DONG! “Trick or Treat!” scream the little ghosts and goblins from the other side of the door. It’s Halloween, and at our house, our dog barks every time the doorbell rings. As the front door opens to screams and laughter, we are greeted by our neighbors and their kids—some dressed as witches, some dressed as cowboys, and the cutest of bumblebees. Ahhh, the season of mischief, mayhem and candy galore!

We used to think our dog was all we needed to keep us safe from what goes bump in the night. But this year, we didn’t just decorate our house, we digitized it with a complete home security system. Take THAT, you bad guys! At first, it was purely for convenience rather than security. Who wouldn’t want to lock the back door, turn on a few lights and set your thermostat to the perfect temp… all from your phone on the go!

But once all was installed and active, our family realized that home security definitely outweighed the joy of watching your mail get delivered in real time from the office. Taking care of your family, your dog, your home, you want that kind of support at every turn. Something looking out for you. My windows talk to my doors, my doors talk to my phone, and if danger ever breaks out or in, the police and fire departments are there in moments. “Look, ma, no hands.”

So this Halloween, the best-dressed thing on our street won’t be a long-fanged zombie costume, it’ll be our high-tech robotic house!

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