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How can you leverage AR/VR?

Kevin Janosz - COO

The two newest forms of interactive media, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are no less than something straight out of a science-fiction flick. They have changed the way people market products, offer services and entertain themselves. According to Statista, the global VR software and hardware market size is expected to reach $40.4 billion by 2020. Owing to the high degree of immersiveness and realism in these forms of media, diverse industries have started using them as a functional tool.

What can brands do with it?

Interactive content is changing the very essence of digital marketing by making interactions between brands and consumers more realistic. Tech-savvy digital marketers can leverage the power of interactive marketing to reach out to customers and immerse them in their offerings.

According to a research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, about 46 percent of brand marketers surveyed use interactive content. If you as a brand owner seek to embrace the technology, be prepared for a complete digital transformation. Here are a few ways in which you can use interactive marketing in promoting your brand:

Creating immersive experiences

With the help of AR and VR hardware and software, you can showcase your brand in a much more realistic way. For example, you have a travel agency providing trips to different destinations. Using VR, you can showcase these places to your customers, who would be immersed completely into the destination. You can show hotel facilities, sites and activities by giving your customers the feeling of actually being in that place.

Creating personalized content

Recent studies have shown that AR and VR will disrupt business models because they would be the fourth major shift in platform after personal computers, internet and mobile devices. These technologies allow you to create content that suits your customers’ personal needs, increasing value by providing your customers what they actually need.

Driving brand engagement

AR, for example, has the power to engage customers in your brand’s marketing campaigns. Through mobile devices, AR can offer when, where and how consumers can engage with your campaign, product, packaging and branded collateral. It also paves the way for visual search options and provides a comfortable experience to consumers by relying on their mobile behaviors. You can also combine interactive content and social media to drive greater engagement.

Measuring results

Last but certainly not the least, you can use VR as an insight tool for your brand. This is particularly useful when combined with ethnography for informing communications and product development. You can measure the performance of your campaigns and efforts in real-time by using their smart analytics features. VR helps you to better understand user behavior and take corrective actions to close loopholes in your marketing efforts.

Both AR and VR as a part of interactive marketing is changing the way brands and consumers communicate with each other. As such, it would be a cherry on the cake if you are able to leverage it along with other marketing tools.


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